2024 Winners


1st Toothy’s Adventure by Liana O.

2nd Captain Scar and the Treasure by Dhruva S.

3rd Lily the Frog by Mishka G.

1st Grade

1st El Astronauta Perdido by Yomico B.

2nd Moon’s Surprise Birthday by Ayra M.

3rd El niño que nació en el eclipse by Nicolás R.

2nd Grade

1st Igor’s Ice Cream Shop by Lilah B.

2nd Swinging Success – The monkey bar adventure by Aara V.

3rd Air Ninja Bird Ninja by Everett P.

3rd Grade

1st Broccoli The Brave by Amelia S.

2nd THE LOST PENGUIN by Reyaan V.

3rd Day of the Dragons by Anastasia O.

4th Grade

1st Lost Eliza by Lillian A.

2nd The Search For Admetos, A Short Story About Proteus Myrto by Ishana J.

3rd Tiffany’s Tale Shreya V.

5th Grade

1st An Austin Oak by Ira C.


3rd The Land of Beyond by Sofia C.